Services Included with Standard Management Commission

• The standard commission of 10% of gross rent and half of the first month’s rent for a new tenant are only applied to collected payments.
• Commission is only due when property is collecting rents.

Accounting and Related Activities

• Accounting, monthly reporting, annual reporting, and ad hoc reporting
• Support for refinancing and other related activities
• Deposits and bank reconciliations
• Bill payment
• Rent collection via check, money order, credit card, ACH transfer, or Section 8
• Online payment access for tenants (coming soon)
• Support activities for third party payees
• Tenant services, including landlord verification and W-9’s
• Internet access for owners to accounting and rent roll information (coming soon)
• Updating databases with changing property and tenant information
• Owner contact regarding all payables, including scanning, emailing and documentation
• A/R payment application, including accepting credit card payments by phone (coming soon)
• Payment and record keeping of individually accessible unit-level utility expenses by utility
• Interface with utility companies, including bill review and landlord agreements
• Coordinate with patrolled parking and towing companies, including identification documentation

On-site Management

• 24/7 Emergency contacts for first responders, with tenant ID & location information
• Property inspections and management
• Tenant management, dispute negotiation, disciplinary actions, 14-day notices with follow-up
• Section 8 and HAP inspection support, including on-the-spot assessment 
of problems allowing immediate approvals
• Insurance appraisals and other inspection support
(48-hour notices and accompanying personnel for site visits)
• Emergency on-site personnel for crime, fire, flood or other imperative needs
• Interface with Constable for set-outs


• Tenant access to 24/7 maintenance line
• Owner contact with updates on maintenance issues, including scanning, documentation,
• funding requests and obtaining permission to proceed
• Work order processing, archiving, retrieval
• Bids for turns, renovations, or other large jobs
• Periodic property and tenant update emails, with documentation as needed
• Price negotiation with suppliers/vendors
• Code enforcement and regulatory compliance interface, negotiation and support
• Phone access to MPM departments by clients
• Key control and organization

Property Management

• Market studies
• Property marketability assessment
• Periodic owner updates and recommendations
• Meeting insurance, bank, and other personnel in support of owner

Tenant Management and Support

• Completing all Section 8 paperwork
• Section 8 documentation support including HAP Agreements, RTA, W-9 and direct deposit.
• 60-day notice requests for Section 8 rent increases
• Help in locating agencies to help with rent and other issues
• Phone access to MPM departments by tenants
• Physical office with regular office hours where tenants can come in, pay their rent or talk to Maintenance, Leasing, or Property Management
• Eviction management, including attorney interface and court appearances
• Walk-through inspections, entering and exiting
• Serving 14-day and 7-day notices and follow-ups

Leasing and Rentals

• Providing leasing agents to answer questions from tenants and owners.
• Rental application processing: credit report, criminal background check, gather and assess rental history, obtain verification of income by phone or fax.

Other Services

• Removing coins from coin operated laundries and vending machines
• Back-up personnel for primary providers
• Negotiating with the city for lower property tax rates
• Scouting out, researching, and evaluating properties that are for sale for owners interested in purchasing new rental properties
• Submitting offers and preparing real estate documents for possible purchases
• Humane trapping and relocation of “problem” animals