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We understand that financial planning for your future is scary and uncertain, especially in today’s economy. At The Riesig Group we remove all this fear and uncertainty by making all your investments tangible assets. We build you true wealth through Land, Real Estate, and Rental Properties; ensuring that your investments are safe for generations to come.

Our goal is simple– help create true wealth backed by tangible assets for all our clients. Wealth that can be enjoyed by your family for generations to come. You can easily decide if your future includes traveling all across the world, or if it’s just simply retiring somewhere where the weather is perfect all year round. Relax without the worry of stock market fluctuations or adverse global economic pressures.

At the Riesig Group we let our results speak for themselves. Low management fees and great returns helps you invest with confidence. We take the heavy lifting of owning real estate off your shoulders, while putting the profits in your hands.

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We believe the best way to build wealth is via tangible assets!


Mortgage fee ownership directly with our Partners


We are working and investing right along side of you PLUS we have other Partners that share your same goals!


With a low access point of only $20,000 it becomes accessible to more people!


Founded in Lexington, KY with associates in New York, The Riesig Group is an alternative asset management and investment company specializing in tangible assets, empowering families and individuals to acquire true wealth.

With our offices set up in Kentucky as well as New York we had firm footing to capitalize on the low housing prices after the ’08 collapse. What started out as our own personal business investments, grew to take on family members and close friends. Our returns have been so outstanding that in 2014 we decided to launch our business model to the public.

Today all our clients enjoy average annual returns between 11%+, making us one of the leaders in our industry, creating a profitable future for you and your family.


We take our portfolio and our partners very seriously. We study the market, stay ahead of the trends, and focus our efforts on building a better community.

That’s why we have a robust group of Partners that will be happy to discuss their experience with Riesig Group. Please don’t hesitate to ask for references!

Our Approach

To guarantee years of problem free passive income we established our COPA system. We believe in it so much that we invest in every property right along side of you!!

We focus on a strategy of producing Cash Flow and Ownership via Partnerships on Affordable investment properties. Our COPA A-Z system allows us to buy many different types of properties for limited capital investment; rental ready, foreclosed, distressed properties and flips, we have got you covered– from A-Z.
We have a team of experienced tradesmen ready to go to work on remodeling a beautiful ready-to-sell home or revitalize a once downtrodden property. Our experienced staff and top notch management team enables us to bring homes to our partners at a fraction of the cost, thus maximizing their rental income and profits. It not only produces a secure investment that will be able to run for many years with limited or no repairs, but the newly refreshed home could also have immediate flip-for-profit potential. Our goal is to help our partners own multi-family units starting as low as $50,000 that are free of worries and mortgage payments.